Keep in mind that making your perfect dress perfect for you is a process than a one
and done sort of thing.  It may take a couple of tries but a little patience from both
you and me to get it just right.

Your First Alterations Appointment:

You will need to bring:
shoes you plan to wear or a pair of the height you are shopping for,
any foundation garments that will affect how the gown fits you.

Please understand that not having them will delay my ability to make your desires
happen for you.

You will try on your gown for an honest assessment of what needs to be changed,
you are not happy with and what you want from your presentation in the gown

Once there is a consensus of what you want and need as well as what I can do to
make that happen, I will give you a quotation of what it will cost, itemized.  You then
have the option to do them all, only some, or decide that you want to seek other or
additional advice.  I will not take it personally whatever your choice.

I will make notes measurement and place pins in your gown so I may transform our
agreement into finished work.

You will pay at least half to get the work started to cover the costs of doing the
work.  You may pay all or part of the total at this time.  The entire amount due must
be paid on or before your last appointment

Your Next Appointment:

You will return in 10 days to 2 weeks for your next appointment.  I will have
completed a preliminary hem that you will approve and in the case of sides, hips,
etc., the seams will be moved as discussed but to minimize stress to the lace, beading
and other ornamentation, they may be lifted from the dress.  I mention it now to let
you know before you see your gown in the middle of the process and are unsettled.

Your (Hopefully) Last Appointment:

Your will return within a week.  If we have communicated well between us, you will
return to pick up the gown approve the final fit and leave with your dress!  By this
point only quick tweeks may be needed that I will perform on the spot so that you
may leave with your dress.  

Please note, The entire amount due must be paid on or before your last appointment

If asked, I can provide advice and referrals for having the gown steamed, hand
ironed, cleaned or what other laundering you may desire.