Almost no other important purchase is made almost completely based on emotion than
a wedding gown. Everything about your gown is invested with your wishes and
dreams.  To honor and protect you and me to create a safe environment for such
emotionally based work, a few ground rules:

I can have parties of only 3 people in one car.  I work out of my home and my landlord
will not allow me to help you if parking becomes a problem.  If you need parking for
more than one car, please call me ahead to work something out.  Additionally, it can
be difficult for the bride to focus on her gown while attending to friends and family.  
This is to help my bride too.

I accept payment by check and credit/debit card only in person.  If you do need to pay
using a card over the phone, I will pass on the additional charge the credit company
charges me to do the transaction.  Additionally, I will need a voice confirmation that the
holder of the card has approved the use of the card.

My quotations are final.  You have the option to request all, some or none of the
services given a price.  I require half payment to do the work but will work with you to
make arrangements.  All of the bill must be paid before taking your dress with you. At
the time payment is made, I will ask you to sign that you have read these policies. what
to expect, and find them satisfactory to you.

I will ask you to sign that you are satisfied with your alterations.  I ask this because
some brides, especially younger ones, are hesitant to tell me if they are unhappy with
something.  Asking you to agree gives you every opportunity to let me make things
right for you.

If you decide to proceed with the work but at any time thereafter are not satisfied, you
may come take your dress, no questions asked.  I would appreciate your feedback so
long as it is given with respect.   I keep track of time and materials and will refund your
payment provided you also agree to refrain from negative comments on social media.  
If this is not something you want to do, then I will refund payment less the materials
and time invested in the alterations you are pleased with.  I will not accept payment for
work I or you are not pleased with. Further, please understand that I regret this rule,
however, the degree of injury from social media is unequal between the ease of
injuring others and the injury caused.  I however, will refrain from any negative
comments about any bride to anyone, period.  I stand by my work and how I conduct
myself as a professional.

I understand your gown evokes strong emotions for you and will treat you with every
kindness and compassion that I can for the best experience I can provide for you.

If you cannot make an appointment or are going to be late, please let me know as
soon as possible.  If it becomes a pattern however, I will begin to charge for missed
appointments.  I understand it's a busy time for you, but the unused time could go to
another bride will go wasted, and maybe it could be you who are the bride in need of
time that I don't have to give her.

The bridal industry is rife with gouging prices, high pressure selling tactics, in addition
to much smoke and mirrors.  I pledge to you that I will be as straight forward with you
about my work for you, require fees that are fair and as affordable as I can make
them, and do everything I can to make you making a wedding your wedding gown a
successful and pleasant one.

Whew!  That's it.