How to get ready for a fitting?

I've never done anything like this before!  What do I do?  This is the most common
question we get.  Don't worry, there's just a few things to keep in mind and anyone
who has worked with many brides understands how important this is to her.

First, try to come rested, Second, come with a bra that you think makes you look
your very best. Third, bring shoes the height you expect to wear and if at all
possible the shoes you plan to wear at your wedding.


To duplicate how you will look your best like you will on your wedding day.

You won't be wearing that bra or even those shoes, but you bring with you to the
fitting the you that you want to be on the special day.

A couple other things might help out.  Most brides are in the midst of losing or
gaining weight.  Especially if you are expecting to lose weight, try to avoid salty
foods and snacks or drinking a lot of alcohol.  It affects your fit and how you think
you look.

If you're feeling uneasy, bring someone you trust who will make helpful comments
and suggestions and can park their biases outside and be there for you before all
else.  If you can't avoid bringing someone who does not quite measure up, make
sure you bring someone else who can be.

Bring pictures!  What you want to look like, details about your wedding,
inspiration photos, anything at all that will help express what you are shooting for.

Last, expect to work with someone excited for you about your wedding and feels
honored to bring their experience and skills to make your day as close to perfect as
they can.