I have been sewing since the 1st grade.  To improve my admittedly messy handwritting, I was
given embroidery lessons.  I learned to do beautiful embroidery but it did nothing for my

I first began patterning and sewing clothes as a teen designing and building costumes for my
ballet company and never stopped even after I got too old to dance well.  That work earned
me a scholarship to one of the best costume design departments at Carnegie Mellon.

I worked on productions including broadway shows like Lion King, for the Metropolitain
Opera, American Ballet Theater and many others.  I was awarded Artist in Residence at the
New York City Ballet where I designed and worked alongside the artisans who made the
costumes for The Nutcracker, new productions, and large repertoire.  To see my work please
my portfolio

I've been a freelance designer who produces what they design for over 30 years.

Most recently I worked for the Sewing Lady, Diana Casey who was generous with sharing with
me her work.  In the time there, I worked on hundreds of gowns.

I want to work with brides one at a time, though, so I'm going out on my own.